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>  As a response, it follows
> everyone saying "Come and see," which interestingly is the same thing
> Jesus said to his first disciples in John in response to their enquiry
> of where Jesus was remaining, which is the same remaining that caused
> the death of Lazarus in the first place...


Just couldn't let this one pass. In the incident to which your refer, John 1:39, Jesus says ERXESQE
KAI OYESQE. Note, OYESQE is future indicative, not imperative. Now, I know that the future
indicative sometimes is used with volitive force, but here I think we have and invitation in the
imperative, ERXESQE, followed by a promise in the indicative OYESQE. "Come and you'll see"
contrasted to the challenge issued to the skeptical Nathaniel a few verses latter, ERXOU KAI IDE.
I think there is a contrast, not a parallel, between the ERXOU KAI IDE of John 11:34 and the ERXESQE
KAI OYESQE to the two disciples of John at John 1:39.

Rev. John M. Moe
St. John's Lutheran Church, Rich Valley

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