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From: George Athas (
Date: Wed Jun 17 1998 - 19:43:15 EDT

Edgar Foster wrote:

> You may well be right. To play the devil's advocate, however, some
> might say that those persons mentioned in 11:36 mis-interpreted Jesus'
> tears. THEY said that Jesus wept out of his love (FILOS) for Lazarus.
> But could they not have misunderstood the weeping of Jesus?

Of course there is always that possibility. But considering the circumstances, it makes sense that
Jesus is upset that Lazarus died at all. His weeping is an obvious sign of that, and probably gives
rise to the interpretation of the 'others' who probably saw Jesus weeping for a friend that they
think he could have saved. In other words, they are saying that Jesus' grief is deserved because he
didn't come to Lazarus' aid when he could have. It's a "serves him right" type of attitude, which
inevitably moves Jesus to anger.

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