Re: John 11:35

Date: Sun Jun 21 1998 - 13:08:32 EDT

Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
> We may have at hand a solution to the meaning of EDAKRUSEN hO IHSOUS in
> Jn 11:35 if we take Mk 8:12 to be a formal and material parallel to Jn
> 11:35. In Mk 8:12 Jesus also gives vent to strong emotion when put to
> the test by those who seek from him an SHMEION APO TOU OURANOU. He
> groans deeply in his spirit (ANASTENACAS TWi PNEUMATI AUTOU). As I
> argued in an article in JTS, where I examined all of the pre- 100 CE
> instances of the use of ANASTENAZW and cognates both with a verb of
> speaking as well as absolutely, the significance of this action is to
> express not idignation, but distress and dismay, ...

Nice work, Jeff ~

John has this habit of leaving things locked in enigma ~ Almost as if
enigma itself is a part of his teaching, and perhaps is even an 'entry
point' into Christ. Distress and dismay can indeed 'fit' this
passage, and the other thing that occurs to me, that has not been
mentioned, is that perhaps Jesus weeps for the loss of the 'old'
Lazarus, and is in effect joining the other mourners, but with a
profoundly different perspective, in that he sees and knows the 'new'
Lazarus that will emerge... Who imo is the author of this work...

Just another possible take on this one...

George Blaisdell

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