Re: John 11:35

Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 12:26:24 EDT

David L. Moore wrote:
>... let me venture a guess as to its meaning along with
> others who have done so. Since Jesus' weeping follows the exchange, "Where
> have you laid him?" and the mourners answered "come and see," I tend to
> think His weeping had to do with an emotionally flooding experience of the
> human condition in the face of death of a loved one -- a sudden experience
> of how impotent mortals are against this powerful enemy whom Jesus had come
> to conquer and finally to destroy.

AMHN to that, David ~

And I sometimes really wonder, given all the 'possibles' that flow
forth as each of us grapples with these three little words, if we
might be better served, in our understanding of Jesus' weeping here,
by not setting up in our understanding the idea that it must be only
one or another motive that is operating. Surely, if you are correct,
[And I think you are], that Jesus is weeping for the human condition,
then all of us are correct in understanding him, each from the
perspective of the particular window of the human condition that we


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