Re: John 1:1

Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 08:12:45 EDT

>These are two of the biggest dead horse issues that exist on this
list, engendering all manner of controversy and conflict among
competing and strongly held views by good folks who passionately
insist on being right in their understanding.

:D Yes I know, I'm sorry! Being new to the list the archives are
a bit confusing. I would like to post a couple web sites I've found
on the issue, but I really am afraid of opening up festering wounds.

>The grammatical does not compel either understanding,
and one's theology ends up being determinative of one's grammatic

As I suspected.

It is apparent then that a peaceful resolution is to never bring up
the subject again and next time someone like me asks, say just
what you've said! :) Please don't bother with it then but if any
extremely patient soul wishes to review the sites and respond to
me personally feel free to email me! Not looking for critique, simply
that the reasoning is sound.
I enjoy reading the posts.

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