Re: 1 Tim 4:10 (was I Cor. 14:18)

From: David L. Moore (
Date: Tue Jun 23 1998 - 14:56:07 EDT

At 06:24 AM 6/23/98 -0400, Carl Conrad wrote:
>At 12:18 AM -0400 6/23/98, David L. Moore wrote:
>> In another vein, and to suggest a new thread, if it interests
>>anyone else,
>>the similarity of the expression with MALLON here and with MALISTA in 1Tim.
>>4:10 makes me wonder if the genitives before MALISTA should not be taken as
>>dependent on MALISTA rather than on SWTHR. The genitives before MALLON in
>>1Cor. 14:18 are taken with the comparative and so express the lesser group
>>of a comparison. Understanding 1Tim. 4:10 this way, one would translate,
>>"This is why we labor and wrestle, because we have set our hope upon the
>>living God who, in preference to all humanity, is the Savior of those who
>This strikes me as a highly improbable construction of the terms in this
>clause for several reasons . . .

        It looks as though Carl is correct on this; the position I suggested is
not effectively defensible. To defend it, it would have been necessary to
find similar constructions in other literature, but I wasn't able to find
any. The proposed similarity between 1Tim. 4:10 and 1Cor. 14:18 goes only
as far as the genitive of PAS with another genitive juxtaposed with forms
of the adverb MALA. Too many aspects of the rest of the clauses are
different to want to reject SWTHR PANTWN ANQRWPWN as a viable phrase in its
own right.

David Moore

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Miami, Florida, USA
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