STOP IT!(was Does the NT contain evident that Jesus was worshipped?)

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Date: Wed Jun 24 1998 - 23:50:17 EDT

At 07:10 PM 6/24/98 -0500, Somebody wrote:

>I am probably better off answering this off list. It is interesting.
>Discussions with Jehovah's Witnesses was the same reason I began studying
>New Testament Greek about three years ago....

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Can you see how this message confronts people from a particular religious
persuasion? Suppose it were your denomination or mine rather than the JWs.
Or better yet, suppose there were regularly messages confronting your
denomination, mine, and the JWs. I know that if I were to read my mail and
see messages attacking my denomination on B-Greek, I would be angry and
feel the need to defend myself and my church. This would promulgate the
kinds of flames and defensiveness that makes it impossible to explore
things openly together. In a short time, we would have yet another mailing
list full of people who are each right in their own estimation, and who can
not learn from each other.

That's not what I want. I want to be able to explore the Greek New
Testament together without a lot of defensiveness or flames, in an
atmosphere that is fun and comfortable. We will *all* get a more accurate
understanding of the Bible if we look at it carefully together, exploring
the possibilities of what it might mean.

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Jonathan Robie

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