Re: Definition of terms

From: Paul R. Zellmer (
Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 22:54:13 EDT

George Athas wrote:
> George Athas wrote:
> > It stands for "In My Honest Opinion".
> Jonathan and Jim both said that IMHO stands for "In my *humble* opinion". Well IMHO, I thought it was
> "In my honest opinion". IMHO, I guess that's a mistake on my part. Please accept my humble apology.
> ;-^)

Actually, George, according to an old list of abbreviations for IRC,
both "humble" and "honest" are recognized interpretations. Please don't
ask me to chapter and verse this, because I have no idea now where I saw
it. I merely recall other abbreviations like LOL (Laugh out loud), ROFL
(Roll on floor laughing), and the like. Of course, IMO is safer because
it is not as ambiguous (IMHO).


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