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Date: Thu Jun 25 1998 - 10:03:41 EDT wrote:

> In view of these (and other) examples, there would appear to be little
> difficulty explaining the NT use of PROSKUNEO in reference to Jesus, since the
> NT authors were no doubt aware of the semantic range of this term, and used it
> in varying degrees, in different contexts, for different individuals.

I have been following this thread with interest, because the term
"worship" in English has personally given me a lot of difficulty. If
we were to begin citing instances of its usage [in English] so as to
establish its 'semantic range', a veritable Pandora's Box would open,
and there would be no end to it. The whole gamut of meanings, for
instance, between self abasement before God to self-exaltation as a
child of God would enter, and this would be just one focus among many
that would be relevant to such an investigation.

So what occurs to me, as I follow this thread, is the following

Is the term PROSKUNEW attributed to Jesus? [As an action that He
performed.] And if so, was it ever toward another human being?


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