Re: Semantic range of PROSKUNEW

From: Steve Long (
Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 09:12:32 EDT

>When we study the Greek text of the NT, our goal is to let the words and
>clauses teach us who God and his son are. Athanasius turned this upside
>down, started with his preconceived ideas about God and the Son, and when
>the words did not fit, he changed the meaning of the words. With PROSKUNEW
>the meaning of the word is not changed by anybody on the list, but because
>the word both can have the sense "worship" and "bow down", we cannot use it
>to prove that Jesus was worshipped. If we use the word as a proof for that,
>we have implicitly or explicitly already decided that Jesus is God, as did
>Athanasius. So the argument is circular.
I agree, I when I first started studying Greek it was to help me prove my
doctrine. But the more I studied, the less I could base my doctrine on
small parts (grammar, word definitions, etc.) and the more I had to base my
doctrine on the overall context as I read.

I wonder if God hasn't purposely allowed ambiguity in the GNT as part of
our lessons in being led by the Spirit of the Law and not the Letter.


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