Re: Semantic range of PROSKUNEW

Date: Sat Jun 27 1998 - 03:38:44 EDT

David L. Moore wrote:
> George Blaisdell Wrote:
> >As I am recalling, and I am not all that great a GNT student, [ask
> >anyone!!] Jesus does NOT bow down, even to hO QEOS ~ Instead He
> >'raises the eyes of Him' in prayer to hO QEOS. Does Jesus bow
> >down??? I would really like to know!
> Check out Mat 26:39 and parallels. Although it doesn't use PROSKUNEW, it
> does say that He prostrated Himself face down in prayer to the Father.

Thanks David.

26:39 does indeed have Jesus prostrate in supplication to hO QEOS,
asking for something for himself. An inferior asking His Superior.
He is not, apparently, PROSKUNEWing hO QEOS in this action, and if I
understand this right, he never does. Men do PROSKUNEW Him, and hO
QEOS, but not He hO QEOS. I have no idea where all this leads, but it
sure has my attention for the meaning of this term.

It just feels outrageous to me that Jesus does not once, in the entire
GNT, worship His Father. I just don't get it. Jesus Christ does not
worship God??? Why??? What relationship between them would preclude

My overcrowded back burners just got WAY more overcrowded!!


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