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Date: Fri Jun 26 1998 - 16:36:53 EDT

At 04:10 PM 6/26/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 2:45 PM -0400 6/26/98, Theodore H. Mann wrote:
>>Greetings B-Greekers.
>>Can anyone direct me to an harmonization of the gospels that integrates
>>all four documents into one single narrative (as opposed to four columns
>>laid side-by-side)? I think this should be handled off-list. Many
>Just one on-list response, at least. You really ought to look at Thomas
>Jefferson's Life of Jesus. It is LITERALLY a scissors-and-paste job of
>putting the four gospels into a single continuous narrative: and he does it
>with the Greek NT, not with any English version. My parents had a facsimile
>edition of it at one time, and I think that there ought to be facsimile
>editions of it available now.
>Of course, it should be realized that Jefferson was an 18th-century
>Enlightenment guy, and his Christianity is more nearly Unitarian than
>anything orthodox. Nevertheless, this is one of the more interesting
>experiments in harmonization, an idea which I personally think does more
>harm than good because it neutralizes the distinct and valuable
>perspectives that each evangelist brings to bear on the Jesus narrative.

        But if that's the work by Jefferson on the Gospels that I have in mind
don't look for any of Jesus' miracles in his harmony. Being an
18th-century Enlightenment guy, he found them embarassing and cut them out.

David Moore

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