Unto All Pleasing

From: Kenneth Litwak (kdlitwak@concentric.net)
Date: Sun Jun 28 1998 - 23:40:32 EDT

In Col 1:10, Paul wrote:


I had a professor in college tell us that this statement, according to a
love letter found among the various Greek papyri which have been found,
may mean something like "do everything for the sake of the one you
love." I know it sounds like I'm being awfully devotional, but I'm
actually trying to determine if this statement about the papyri is
correct. I recently had easy access to a copy of Moulton and Milligan
and I didn't see anything like that at all for ARESKEIAN, and I have no
idea where this prof got this from. Can anyone confirm or deny, from
some other source, whether this is
a)a correct report about a papyrus letter containing this word that
might mean that in its context,
b) and if so, where I can find the text of the love letter.

  While I'm posting this, I have a separate question. In the Old Greek
version of the Scriptures of Israel, and in the NT, narratives are often
carried along by some form of GINOMAI DE. Can someone tell me what the
most characteristic equivalent in most "secular" Greek historical works
is? Thanks.

Ken Litwak
Trinity College/Univ. of Bristol
Bristol, England
(and Java instructor in California)

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