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<< Ward Powers wrote:
> The point I make is that in verses 11-15 ANHR and GUNH are singular (NOT
> plural), are referring to the headship of the man in the one-flesh
> husband-wife relationship, and that this understanding of ANHR and GUNH in
> this passage is indicated by the immediate context (in which there is
> nothing to suggest a reference to a worship-service or other "church"
> context), by the close parallels with 1 Pet 3:1-7, and also by other NT
> passages about the headship of the husband and the submission of the wife,
> a submission which is always and only to her own husband, not to other men.

I suppose the context will still help determine usage. It looks like
"husbands" are to pray everywhere. And "wives" are to adorn themselves in
modest apparal, but just in the Husband-wife relationship, not around men in
general. Wow! Just wait till I tell that to our ladies class! All their
husbands are usually at work during class, and since they will not be around,

Feeling just a little barbaric,
William Boyd

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