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Date: Mon Jun 29 1998 - 18:06:26 EDT

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<< I regret that just right now I lack the wit to respond to you adequately in
 kind - but I do enjoy the little lightness of touch you bring to the
 May I be permitted to respond with a measure of seriousness to your points?
 Because besides being humourous, they are also insightful. >>

This was one of the happiest message I have received from the B-greek list.
You all may think I am foolish, and I probably am, but after I sent that last
post found myself wishing I hadn't. I worried about it most of the day. I
thought to myself, "William, you really ought to be grateful you are even on
this list. These are gracious host and guests. How dare you dare insult them,
even in humor." I came ready to beg forgiveness. But it appeard from the
several post I have received, all was taken in the good humor intended.

Nevertheless, I was in a mood, I really didn't think it through, and I wish I
had refrained. I have much enjoyed the discussion.

THIS IS A FINE LIST. I resolve that I will not mar it.

Little barbaric William

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