Re: HO LOGOS - The Marshal(ler)

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Jun 09 1998 - 14:41:38 EDT

At 01:13 PM 7/9/98 -0500, Will Wagers wrote:
>Jonathan Robie writes:
>>I think that whoever came up with your translation thought
>>about what the relationship between God's creative power and Jesus, and
>>"Marshall" is a word that embodies his particular interpretation - he read
>>this meaning into LOGOS, it is not a core meaning of LOGOS.
>This relation is well-documented in Greek philosophy. It is a core meaning
>of LOGOS, albeit a technical one.

As Carl implies and Will demonstrates, this meaning does seem to be well
documented in Greek philosophy, and I was apparently (gasp!) wrong. To be
clear, I had *not* taken the steps I suggest one should do to explore word
meaning, and still haven't (since it takes a while).

I just skimmed the TWNT article quickly, and it seems like the word could
be interpreted very differently depending on whether you think of the
Jewish background or the Greek background as primary - or perhaps both were
equally important. There are some non-Greek meanings of the word which I
find interesting: Psalm 119:74 talks about hoping in the word, Ps 119:154
talks about looking to the word for life. In Genesis 1 the world is created
by the divine word. The creative power of the word is also mentioned in
Ezek 37:4, Is 40:26, Ps 147:15ff. In Psalm 33:6ff we are told "by the Word
of the Lord the world was made".
I think it was Carl who once said that Jesus was what God wanted to say.

So there's lots of ways to look at this...


Jonathan Robie

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