Re: KJV on "which"

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 07:03:52 EDT

At 03:56 PM 6/30/98 EDT, wrote:
>Yet sometimes I still prefer the "which" to the "who." Perhaps not in this
>particular passage, but take the passage
>in Matthew 7:11 that compares our two fathers, the one on earth and the
one in
>heaven. If our father on earth knows how to give us good gifts, how much
>"the one in heaven"? How much more the father "which" is in heaven? For a
>father is also a thing. Everything is a thing some time. Or everything
>wouldn't be encompassed by the word "everything."
But the passage you are pointing to does not state or imply in any way that
the father is a thing, certainly not in the Greek, and I think also not in
the English if understood as it would have been at the time of the King James.

This is exactly the same construction as in the Lord's prayer, substituting
"your" for "our". If the use of terms like "which" leads people to the
interpretation you just gave, that's a good argument for translating this
"your heavenly father" or "your father in heaven".


Jonathan Robie

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