RE: Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

From: Adam, Professor AKM (AKM.Adam@PTSEM.EDU)
Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 - 08:20:42 EDT

Jonathan suggested that I forward this to the list--

>Jonathan-->>When you wrote,>>The local Bishop wrote a 20 minute letter in a form of Greek>which was neither New Testament nor modern, but seemed to be a flowery,>archaic form of modern Greek.>>it wasn't clear whether you knew that modern Greek persists in two
dialects, the DHMOTIKH and the KAQAREUOUSA. The former is the spoken
Greek of every day, what is truly "modern" Greek; the latter is (as you
suggest) a deliberately archaizing dialect of "purifying" Greek, used
for judicial, legislative, official documents. If I recall correctly, it
is something of a nineteenth-century invention which excised
identifiably "modern" innovations in demotic Greek (but allowed for some
development in vocabulary and syntax).>>Grace and peace,>AKMA>>Princeton Theological Seminary>>"Violent zeal for truth hath an hundred to one odds to be either
petulancy, ambition, or pride.">J. Swift>

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