Re: Matt. 12:32

Date: Sat Jul 25 1998 - 11:05:18 EDT

As one of those Jonathan said would correct his errors in Transformational
Linguistics, here are mine:

I see no errors to correct. This is an excellent statement.

He mentioned Akmajian, for whom I have a good deal of admiration. At a
national meeting of the MLA in San Francisco some years ago, I watched him
take on George Lakoff (a very angry linguist, who took over the Berkeley
department, and who tried to establish "Generative Semantics" to compete
with the genius who did not accept him as a student). He stood his
ground (Akmajian read the paper, and Lakoff went on the attack), and
left Lakoff sputtering. It was delicious!

If I sound hostile toward Lakoff, please forgive me. I AM hostile toward


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