Re: 2 Pet 3:18 'en' as preposition

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sat Aug 01 1998 - 19:09:21 EDT

At 08:54 AM 7/31/98, Steve Amato wrote:
>>OR: are grace & knowledge the objects of growth and are generated/given by
>>'our Lord', who is the source of these things - ie it means 'increase in
>>grace and also learn more from/about 'our Lord'.
>In view of the fact that he makes reference to Paul's letters in vs 16,17
>and their possible misinterpretation, I would opt for the second. "Growing
>in grace" could also be referring to growing with respect to application.
>The book of Galatians is an example of applications of the concept of grace.
He specifically says that Paul's letters are sometimes hard to understand,
and that many are distorting Paul's intent, but the readers of this letter
are not to be misled, but (and here I'm agreeing with Steve) to grow in the
grace of our Lord and the knowledge of our Lord.

It may well be precisely a misapplication of Paul's teaching on grace that
Peter refers to here.


Jonathan Robie

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