Re: Mt 7:28

From: Mary L B Pendergraft (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 16:07:06 EDT

On the discussion of the translation of EKPLHSSW:

>>ekplhssw can be "amazed" in the sense that someone is overwhelmed with
>>fright or wonder (BAG), L&S include "to be struck with panic," even
>>"driven out of one's senses." But I just don't seen them being
>>appaled or horrified here. They are impressed, check the other 13 or
>>so occurances of the word, they are astonished by the "words and
>>deeds" of Jesus.
>Impressed? But why? He has said such things as "if a roman soldier forces
>you to go one mile carrying his pack- go another!". "If someone steals your
>stuff- let him have it"! "If someone wants to borrow something- give it to
>him". "If someone smacks you silly, let em do it again". Why would the
>crowd be impressed by this?

How about "stunned"? Like -plhsso- words it can refer to both literal and
metamorphical results of striking, and can reflect both positive and
negative shades of astonishment, as the many exx. others have cited
demonstrate for ekplhssomenos.


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