Re: Mt 7:28

From: George Athas (
Date: Mon Aug 03 1998 - 18:23:48 EDT

Hi Jim!

I'm not sure whether this actually contributes to our understanding of
EXEPLHSSONTO, but the word has developed into the modern Greek EKPLHXH,
which means "surprise", usually in a good sense. Perhaps Mary's
suggestion is best - "stunned" - giving us a description of the people's
reactions which covers both ends of the spectrum - disapproval and
approval. As you say, it is almost certain that some people were
offended by Jesus' words because he reinterprets the Torah on his own
authority. This has been explained to me as one of the chief objections
to Jesus by people of Jewish background. I'm sure Jesus' words were just
as shocking back then.

Best regards!
George Athas
 PhD (Cand.), University of Sydney
 Tutor of Hebrew, Moore Theological College
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