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<< As a structural engineer for 20 years >>

Several of you have betrayed your occupation on this list. It seems like most
of you who have done this are engineers. If there something quircky about
engineers that they like to teach themselves Greek, or do they just like to
let it slip every now and then that they are engineers? If you'd be willing,
I would like to know how many of you are engineers and why are you interested
in Greek?

I'll start:

I am an Agricultural/Environmental Engineer, a P.E., working with the farmers
in the Everglades. I am interested in Greek because I am never satisfied with
my understand of a Bible passage, and I have this continual itch to look
closer and closer into the details to see if I can get it right. Every text
is a problem to solve, and I do not like someone telling me what it says. I
like to check their work, and see if for myself. The logic, form and
structure of each passage facinates me. It does not bother me that it gets
highly technical, or no one around me understands what I am doing. O the joys
of an introvert!

William Boyd
(A Little Greek)
Royal Palm Beach, Fl.

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