Re: Greek engineers

Date: Sat Aug 08 1998 - 07:11:20 EDT

The only preacher I've had whose Greek was better than mine (a VERY
SAD commentary!) was one Michael D. Chittum, Ph.D. (I believe, rather
than Th.D.), who began life as a chemical engineer. An ordained
Southern Baptist minister, he has since gone to a Congregational
church in Kansas. His Greek was very good, and his Hebrew not bad,
though he disclaimed it. (Was very enjoyable to find that, when my
Greek disagreed with the minister's, his was right, for a change!!
When others have thrown in a little, they've generally botched it,
leaving me feeling quietly grateful that I could defend myself
against false theological conclusions drawn from bad linguistics.)
Believe the complexity angle may be the key. Maybe also the
extensive use of symbols in both disciplines, along with the rules
attached to that.

(I'm not an engineer; now a teacher, and began life as a chemist only;
 brother is a chemical engineer, however, so there may be something
to this if genetic connections hold true.)

Diana N. Shaw

"He who laughs least lasts best." (anonymous?)

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