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Date: Fri Aug 07 1998 - 10:33:29 EDT

Darrell, all:

> From: Jeffrey B. Gibson
> Subject: Re: Sources for study of amhn

> Darrell Jachim-Moore wrote:

> > I'm in the process of determining a thesis topic for my M.A. and one
> > suggestion I've received is to investigate the usage of amhn in the New
> > Testament.

> To start you off, you might consult J. Jeremias' _New Testament
> Theology: The Proclamation of Jesus_ (Scribners, 1971). His opening
> section is on the characteristic speech of Jesus, and AMHN is a word
> covered there (with some bibliography). But since this is now almost 30
> years old, there is much more out there.

The ATLA CD-ROM is a great place to begin searching for current
bibliography. I don't recall the exact search string, and I'm not sure of
the transliteration--the search program is very idiosyncratic, I think it's
proprietary to the ATLA--but you would browse the subject index under "Greek
terms--AMJN", and the program will produce a list of everything written over
the last few decades that has extensive enough a discussion of AMHN to be

I don't know how many libraries have this tool. I use the heck out of the
one at Baylor, and I've seen it at Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern
Baptist, etc. If you don't have access to one, perhaps you can find someone
who does who is willing to do the legwork for you.


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