T.C. question/Occupational confession

From: Ed Gorham (egorham@ackerley.com)
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 09:01:26 EDT

I'm kind of new to the study of textual criticism, and had a question about
corrector manuscripts.
According to Aland's classification of texts into categories (from Text Of
The NT), the D ms. of the Pauline letters is a 6th century, "category 3"
type of text (valuable, but very "western"). Does this mean that you can
classify a corrector (say, D1) the same way? Even if the date is
different, would be still be a catgory 3 (i.e. has so much been "corrected"
that it is more properly in another category altogether?)? Just curious,
and I'd appreciate the help.
We seem to be getting confessional re: our "day jobs". I am NOT an
engineer. My dad, at one time, was a chemist. Is this why I am studying
Greek, even though I failed HS chemistry and have no interest in
engineering of any kind? I am a lowly broadcast media salesperson...any
more out there like me?

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