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From: Armando A. Cottim (
Date: Mon Aug 10 1998 - 18:09:46 EDT


After consulting with Carl, as one of the Chairs, I decided to send you all
a request for help.

I'm currently pursuing a MTh degree (distance learning) and I have a paper
to write for Sistematic Theology. I've been staring at the paper for months
without knowing what to write about.

My main interests are the covenant and the jewish sanctuary. I intend to
focus as much of my Master's research as possible on these two subjects.
Anyway, for this paper I might work on a different subject but ... I have
no ideas, good or bad, concerning covenant, sanctuary or any other topics,
that could help me write my paper.

Can any of you help me with ideas for this paper? Anything is welcome!

Please send your messages directly to me (off-list I mean).

My address is or



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