Gal 4:14

From: Thomas Biddy (
Date: Tue Aug 11 1998 - 03:52:34 EDT


     4:14 kai ton {AND} peirasmon {TEMPTATION} mou ton {MY} en {IN} th
   sarki mou {MY FLESH} ouk {NOT} exouqenhsate (5656) {YE DESPISED} oude
    {NOR} exeptusate (5656) {REJECTED WITH CONTEMPT;} all {BUT} wj {AS}
     aggelon {AN ANGEL} qeou {OF GOD} edexasqe (5662) {YE RECEIVED} me
               {ME,} wj {AS} criston {CHRIST} ihsoun {JESUS.}

(Gal 4:14 NASB) and that which was a trial to you in my bodily condition
you did not despise or loathe, but you received me
as an angel of God
as Christ Jesus Himself.

I would like to know if there is any relation with 'as an angel' and 'as


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