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Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 13:12:42 EDT

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>The word <gk> bdelugma </gk> occurs in this vers, the Matthean par. (but not
>the Lucan), Dan 9:27 (LXX), and Gen 43:32 (LXX). It, apparently, does not
>occur in the greek lit. (according to a search of perseus).
>Does anyone know of its occurance elsewhere?

A quick check of BAG.... Aesop, Fab. 452 P. tosou`ton bdelugma,
tosou`ton miasma; oft. LXX; Test. Reub. 3:12; Suidas. bdelugmia as
early as Cratinus: Phryn., Praep. Soph. p. 54, 4 Borries [11]; X.,
Mem. 3, 11, 13) abomination, detestable thing.

It's used 58x in the LXX, and in the NT the places you cite plus Rev
21:27. BAG entry 2 associates the word with idolatry, things that
are "destable to the Lord."

In Barnabas 2:5 (Is 1:13). b. ejnwpion tou qeou detestable in the
sight of God (cf. Pr 11:1) cf. Lk 16:15.

I suspect you aremore interested in 1 Macc 1:54 which uses the full
phrase "abomination of desolation," see also Sir 49:2.

Phillip J. Long
Asst. Prof. Bible & Greek
Grace Bible College

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