Re: Gal. 4:14

From: George Athas (
Date: Wed Aug 12 1998 - 17:48:11 EDT

Hi Edgar!

I would echo Carl's remarks that the Hebrew of Zechariah would have
little bearing over what Paul says in epistolic Koine Greek. Zechariah
employs a quasi-poetic style of prose which shows climactic parallelism
- not necessarily equivalence of all the components. Also, the contexts
of Zechariah and Galatians are so vastly different that you cannot
legitimately draw any influence from Zechariah over to Galatians. Not
only are they talking about different subjects (Zech: inhabitants of
Jerusalem; Gal: Paul), but the context of those subjects is chasms apart
(Zech: political-social- military prowess of Jerusalem against its
enemies; Gal: Paul bringing the gospel to the accepting Galatians). The
conclusion of one passage can't be used to interpret the other in this
case. Context is the all important canon.

Best regards!
George Athas
-University of Sydney & Moore Theological College
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