Re: Mark 16:8 - GAR

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 07:50:49 EDT

At 10:01 PM +0007 8/15/98, Philip McCosker wrote:
>Does anybody have any strong reasons for accepting or rejecting GAR as the
>last work of S Mark's gospel? Presumably most people accept the evidence
>of other Gk works ending with the word (Menander: Dyskolos etc) which
>Richardson gives in his Bibliography? I would be interested in any
>thoughts on this.

I've never seen any convincing reason to reject it, since (a) EFOBOUNTO is
a complete subject-predicate unit in itself; (b) GAR is postpositive; and
(c) GAR is properly used to indicate an explanatory function of EFOBOUNTO
to the preceding OUDENI OUDEN EIPAN. Conquently, although there may be
objections to the pericope as a conclusion to the gospel, I cannot discern
any cogent reason to reject EFOBOUNTO GAR as the end of this pericope.

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