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> I didn't get an answer to my earlier question about Trench's "Synonyms of
> the New Testament," so I'll try again. I just bought a copy, and I'm
> curious to know if it is still considered by scholars to be a reliable
> and useful resource. Thanks.

 Dear Ted,

 I have the "Ninth Edition, improved" of Trench's /Synonyms of the New
 Testament/, Macmillan and Co., 1880. It is brilliant. Sure it antedates
 the early Papyri, but it also antedates the liberal scholarship associated
 with FC Baur of Tuebingen, which did not impinge upon British scholarship
 until after /Essays and Reviews/, 1860.

 Also on my shelves (and frequently consulted) are his /Notes on the Parables/
 1841; /Notes on the Miracles/, 1846; and /Studies in the Gospels/, 1867.
 At a time when young JH Newman was being rocked of his theological feet
 in Oxford, Trench remained immovable as a rock in the face of the liberal
 critical storm.

 He was a philologist as well as a theologian, and published /English Past
 and Present/ 1855; and /Selected Glossary of English Words/ 1959.

 He was a historian too; /The Story of Justin Martyr/ 1835; /Lectures in
 Mediaeval Church History/ 1878.

 His roots in History and Philology bolster his reputation in the Greek
 language and literature.
 Go for it!

 Revd Ben Crick, BA CF
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