From: Bill Ross (
Date: Sun Aug 16 1998 - 22:58:02 EDT

All of these approaches do not have names, but there is Rolf Fiori from
Norway who uses a psycholinguistic/philological approach. There are a number
of us who have adopted the semantic domain
approach advocated by Louw and Nida.

I am fascinated by reading the introductions of English Dictionaries, who
struggle with the order in which to present the various meanings of words. I
realize it is a big science. Perhaps my suggestions will help someone.

It sounds to me like you are trying to do what was popularized a number of
years ago in (I have forgotten the title) the ?expanded? version.

If I am not mistaken (in error, deluded) and I remember (recall, bring to
mind) correctly (rightly, with accuracy) you are referring (indicating,
pointing) to the Amplified Bible. :)

I don't know what kind of library resources you have available to you but I
have attached a list of books on lexical semantics which I have read and
found useful.

Thanks (appreciation, gratitude)

Bill Ross

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