Re: PORNEIA in Matt. 5, 19 = Lev. 18?

From: Ward Powers (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 00:24:47 EDT

At 15:58 98/08/13, John Chan wrote:
>I was away from the list for some time. I remember seeing a message a year
>or two ago that identified the PORNEIA in Matt 5, 19's exception clause to
>the sexual abnormalities in Lev. 18. Could someone point me to any
>articles or books that support or denounce this way of interpretation.
>John Chan


Rather, PORNEIA (a general term for sexual misbehaviour) equates in the Old
Testament with the 'ervath davar, "some sexual fault/misbehavioiur", of
Deut 24:1.

I present the evidence for this in some detail in my book "Marriage and
Divorce - the New Testament Teaching", and also cite other scholars and
commentators who see this equivalence of meaning for PORNEIA (page 169).
May I commend to your interest the whole discussion in this book of the
meaning of PORNEIA and its use in the taching of Jesus (especially in Mt 5
and 19).



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