RE: Literary Criticism of the NT

From: Adam, Professor AKM (AKM.Adam@PTSEM.EDU)
Date: Thu Aug 20 1998 - 16:16:26 EDT


Since no one else has picked this up, and although it is off-topic, I
venture to nominate a very short bibliography with the admonition that you
see further by following-up the footnotes of the following works:

Warren Carter, *Matthew.* Hendrickson Press.
Alan Culpepper, *Anatomy of the Fourth Gospel.* Fortress Press.
Robert Fowler, *Let the Reader Understand.* Fortress Press.
Frank Kermode, *The Genesis of Secrecy.* Harvard UP.
Edgar McKnight et al., eds. *The New Literary Criticism and the New
Testament*. Trinity Press International.
Stephen Moore, *Literary Criticism and the Gospels.* Yale UP.
Stephen Moore, ed. *Mark and Method.*
Robert Morgan and John Barton, *Biblical Interpretation.*
Mark Allan Powell, *What Is Narrative Criticism?* Fortress Press.
Dan O. Via, *The Parables.*

The journals *Semeia* and *Biblical Interpretation* often feature
literary-critical articles, and the SBL Seminar Papers has annually
published several working papers of the Literary Aspects of the Gospels and
Acts Group.

I hope this *starting* bibliography is of some use; it's very much
top-of-my-head, not at all comprehensive, and I'm sure I've left off some
good books.

Grace and peace,
A K M Adamakm.adam@ptsem.eduPrinceton Theological Seminary"Fiction brings truth to history."Walter Moseley

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