RE: Women in the Church

From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 14:16:10 EDT

Someone just slapped me around (properly) for my last post.

> To the contrary: until this discurteous "get it out of my
> mailbox" comment, the discussion was (to my view) entirely
> concerned with how the Greek text is to be understood.

My apologies for the harshness of my statement. Let me amend it: the
discussion as it stands is about interpretation and hermeneutics and has
next to nothing to do with *Greek*, the central issue on the bgreek list.
As such, it does not belong on the bgreek list, and (IMNSHO) should be taken

Not that I'm the arbiter of such things, you understand . . .

Perry L. Stepp

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It is tremendous folly to put trashy people in positions
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