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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (
Date: Fri Aug 14 1998 - 13:10:12 EDT

Larry Swain wrote:
> As to whether such
> as discussion is a "waste of time" is to cast aspersions, unnecessarily in
> my not so humble opinion, on the discussions of grammatical structures.

I am all in favor of discussions of grammatical structures. I wonder however,
if the kind of EVIDENCE that can be mustered to defend the idea of a "sentence
adverb" will be substantial enough to convince someone who is skeptical. I
would like to see how this would be done.

Rather than say that such explorations are a waste of time, perhaps it would
be better to say the the results of such a discussion are likely to be
inconclusive. Any adverbial that can be seen as limiting the whole clause, can
most likely also be seen as limiting the main verb or in the absence of the a
main verb it can probably be seen as limiting some other element in the
clause. I just cannot picture how someone could come up with argument proving
the existence of a sentence adverb in a NT Greek clause which would pass the
test of being falsifiable.

Willing to be proven wrong, but I need to see an example in NT Greek which
must be a sentence adverb and cannot be a regular adverb.

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