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Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 12:35:48 EDT

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<P>Larry Swain wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Maybe this will help:&nbsp; if you actually are diagramming
the sentence, the
<BR>sentence adverbial would go in front of the subject.

<P>Like this:&nbsp; (which is an off the cuff example so probably not the
<BR>but perhaps you'll get the idea)

<P>Practically, to use a lexicon is best.

<P>Practically/to use/is/best

<P>Not the best example, but I hope it helps.&nbsp; Further, it has been
<BR>that a sentence adverbial could be read as modifying the verb since
<BR>carries the main idea of the sentence, but I like the other way better.

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&nbsp; Ok gang, this is my&nbsp; first shot so I will try to embrace the
spirit of inquiry that y'all follow.

<P>Question: Are you familiar with Fee's book <I>NT Exegesis for Students
and Pastors? </I>And with Walter Kaiser's <I>Toward an Exegetical Theology</I>?
Each embraces a form of "diagramming" that is more flexible than the traditional
method. The basic principle is to isolate the parts of a sentence through
indentation &amp; subordination. In my personal prep. There are similarities
&amp; differences but the essence seems the same. Grammar &amp; Syntactical
relationships, especially in Koine Greek, are less formal. By using a less
structured method I&nbsp; spend less time trying to determine what a word
ought to mean, or what form the author should have used, or what "rule"
he has broken, and more time accepting what is written and allowing the
structure of the pasage to disclose itself.

<P>A couple of final notes: I find this easier to do on a computer than
diagraming. I use Ami Pro as my main word processor and can assign not
only indentation levels to each part of speech but can also use color and
textual attributes to highlight certain elements. No drawing lines and
no artistic talent needed!!
<BR>Hey thanks for listening and thanks for a good stream of exegetical
reasoning to keep those of us who preach the word weekly on the cutting
edge of&nbsp; conversation we haven't had since Senior Greek!


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