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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Sun Aug 23 1998 - 00:44:27 EDT

At 11:08 AM -0000 8/21/98, Adam, Professor AKM wrote:
>As I taught through Greek this summer, I was thinking just the same thing. I
>observed all the dative uses that were presumably instances of the indirect
>object, and none diverged significantly from the dative of goal/destination.
>That's very far from saying that there's no need for the category, but I'm
>inclined to think that (at least) there's no need for me to introduce an
>additional category to beginning students.

Yes. This is, in fact, one of the things that motivated my question. I was
thinking about how to explain the main uses of the dative case to beginning
students. I'm not really sure (at this point) that there's much value in
talking about indirect objects with them. A discussion of GOAL and
RECIPIENT may be more direct and clear.

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