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Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 09:12:21 EDT

At 3:38 PM -0500 8/25/98, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
>For those of you who are obsessed with owning all the grammars (or nearly
>all), I have just receive a reprint of
>765. (Same) Monro. D.B. A Grammar of the Homeric Dialect. 1992. 2d
>edition. Reprint.
>$25.00 from Willaim H. Allen,
>This book is a quality hardback (sewn binding), the paper is good and the
>photo reproduction is very good.
>As far as the scholarship of this work, it is over a 100 years old but it is
>still in print or more precisely it is back in print. Perhaps one or more of
>the Classic's people can tell us about Monro.

Which Classic has the people? This is still the standard work in English.
2nd edition in 1891; I have a library copy right beside me. I think the
major advances in IE linguistics affecting Homeric grammar are probably the
decipherment of Hittite and the consequent development of laryngeal theory
to explain distribution of E,O, and A vowels in unaccented syllables, and
the decipherment of Linear B.

>I have always wanted this book but when I first started looking in the late
>80's it was out of print and I assumed it would stay out of print. I wanted it
>primarily as an end piece for my collection of grammars. Monro at one end
>Thumb at the other end. Perhaps this isn't quite correct since one might want
>to look for a grammar of Linear A and/or Linear B which would predate Homer.

I think Linear A remains, in the view of most, a mystery. You can get
Linear B fonts, by the way, at

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