RE: Present tense copulative verbs

From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Wed Aug 26 1998 - 17:32:50 EDT

> Dear Mr. Stafford,
> I stand corrected on the distinction between a Perfective Present and
> a Present of Past Action still in Progress. You are right. My mistake.
> I had in mind the Present of Past Action still in Progress when I wrote my
> comments.
> Please see Ron Henzel's post 8-14-96 entitled 'Jn 8:58 and the
> subordinating adverbial particle.'
Please be sure to note my 8-15-96 response to Ron Henzel's post. The PRIN
does begin a temporal clause. I will note that at that time, I did not catch
the error that Greg Stafford recently clarified. The posts of two years ago
should read PPA instead of "perfective present."

        Wes Williams

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