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Date: Sat Aug 22 1998 - 16:37:03 EDT

In a message dated 22-8-98 11:37:08 AM, Perry Stepp wrote:

>The volumes Jeffrey mentions are Reuben Swanson's *New Testament Greek
>Manuscripts*, for which the four gospels have been published--Acts is, I
>believe, forthcoming. The basic format is: publish the B text for the
>entire book, and then, in horizontal-line format, the variant readings for
>dozens of major ms and critical editions. This is a really useful series
>for tracing textual relationships, etc. But if you're not interested in
>that sort of thing, a comparison of the UBS and NA27 apparatuses (apparatii?
>I think we once had a thread on how to spell the plural of apparatus) will
>be more helpful, I think.
>But even Swanson's volumes fall far short of covering *every* variant. The
>closest thing I can think of along these lines is the International Greek
>New Testament project (which has published the most complete apparatus for
>Luke ever attempted). The next nearest thing would be Tischendorf's 8th ed,
>something most major theological libraries possess.

Swanson's volumes are extremely helpful and I refer to them often, but caution
is needed in using them for detailed analysis. We've found numerous
difficulties in his evidence citations (meaning that the bulk of the work is
sound, but incorrect citations of evidence is given at times). I would
suggest that for detailed textual analysis, if the actual manuscripts
themselves are not checked on the passage in question, at least one should
consult with Tischendorf, Legg (on Mt. and Mk.), or the IGNTP Luke volumes
(and the IGNTP Papyri volume on John).

Also, Perry is correct that Swanson plans to publish the Acts volume before
long. Last November he told me that he hoped to have it ready in two years,
so that would mean sometime near the end of next year.

Now back Greek issues from the NT text.

Bill Warren
Landrum P. Leavell, II, Professor of New Testament and Greek
Director of the Center for New Testament Textual Studies
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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