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Date: Tue Sep 01 1998 - 11:49:37 EDT

At 10:42 AM -0500 10/31/98, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>At 07:30 AM 9/1/98 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>>At 7:36 AM -0500 8/31/98, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>>Good that you called me on this; I got carried away by the word rhythm. No,
>>there isn't the recurrence of the word patterns you were calling attention
>Wow! I've now been right as often as one or two times when I disagree with
>you! This is kind of like the first time I beat my father in chess...

Listen: my son beat me in chess the first time he ever played me (and I've
never played him again--in fact, I don't think I've ever played chess
again!). Moreover, I learn new things from my students in Greek class every
year. This is precisely why I object to the whole distinction between "big
Greek" and "little Greek."

>But would you still classify the recurrence of the word patterns as
>liturgical, as opposed to story-telling? How would you distinguish the two?
>I'm afraid that I'm stepping into a whole can of worms I have never looked
>at, genres of writing in the there a good starting point for me?

I don't feel I'm ready to make a judgment on that. The only thing I can say
is it reminds me of the countless times that we've drawn up diagrams and
instruction lists about how the officers at my church are going to serve
communion; somehow it usually turns out that the pattern is not followed
quite the way it was intended, and despite the foul-up by the officers,
nobody is really upset: it's all okay anyhow. Nevertheless, there is that
ever-renewed notion that, "If we can only get the diagram right and the
order of who does what when right, it'll go like clock work"--and it never
does. I somehow don't think it was meant to go like clock work.

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