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From: One of the McKays (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 04:57:01 EDT

This was a helpful post from Carl and Edward, with sensible suggestions
which should foster stimulating discussions on Greek between participants
with widely differing views and presuppositions.
>It appears that such individuals have fully resolved their own minds on
these issues ...

I understand what our list moderators are saying here, but would like to
point out that people do change their minds. I tend to be dogmatic, but as
I have got older, I have come to realise that the truth is not as black and
white as it once appeared. Over the course of my life I have remained
evangelical, but have grown away from some of the teachings of my home
church. I have embraced Reformed theology, flirted with, but rejected
Pentecostalism, but have always adhered to the Baptist teachings on baptism
that I was brought up on.

On other lists, there are folk whose views have changed considerably, or
just a little, from exposure to differing attitudes and understandings of
the Bible. I would hope that we are all open to change and growth through
exposure to the informed views of list participants.

One of the many valuable things I have gained from this list is an awareness
that most theological arguments that begin "The Greek says..." are simply
wrong. Some of the supposedly strongest arguments based on "The Greek" have
been shown to be rather flimsy when an opposing point of view is considered.

David McKay

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