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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 16:55:29 EDT

Again, in this message I'm expressing my own opinion, and not talking in
any official capacity. Before I address the abstract issues, let me mention
that your latest summary is both interesting and relevant, and I'm glad you
posted it. And of course you should feel free to answer questions asked
with respect to it.

At 03:59 PM 9/2/98 EDT, wrote:
>Thank you for your post. I would like to clarify one thing: By "area of
>expertise" I did not mean to suggest an area such as "defending a theological
>view." Christology, theology, etc., are well-respected fields of study,

Christology, theology, etc. are not approaches to studying the Greek text.
Suppose someone had settled views of Christology, and popped in here only
when texts related to, say, the divinity of Jesus were discussed, always
discussed those texts avidly, and always represented the same unchanging
views. This would be an archetypical example of the kind of problem I think
we are discussing.

On the other hand, there's no problem with someone whose expertise is in
Christology offering a detailed analysis of the Greek, as in your latest
summary, which is quite good, incidentally. I particularly liked the
detailed use of actual Greek sentences to illustrate your interpretation of
the PPA.

>and it just so happens that in discussing issues relative to these fields
>of study, as they relate to the Greek text

Precisely the problem I'm griping about. I don't want to be discussing
issues relative to these fields of study as they relate to the Greek text,
I want to be exploring the Greek text itself, which sometimes seems to be
groaning under the weight of the things people want to prove about it. It's
hard to explore the text inductively when other people are eagerly proving
their views.

>a person will end up supporting one view or another. But hopefully he or
>she will allow other possibilities to exist, if they are grammatically

I assume people will have views, I have them myself (does this surprise
anyone?), and I have no problem with those who have views participating in
any discussion. However, to me, all of the concerns voiced by Carl and
Edward originally are quite relevant, and there shouldn't be an escape
clause to allow those with expertise in Christology or theology to turn
discussions into proof-texting for their views on either, or to dominate
discussion of any verse that impinges on their views.

Texcel Research

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