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From: Williams, Wes (
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 18:36:04 EDT

> Christology, theology, etc. are not approaches to studying the Greek text.
> Suppose someone had settled views of Christology, and popped in here only
> when texts related to, say, the divinity of Jesus were discussed, always
> discussed those texts avidly, and always represented the same unchanging
> views. This would be an archetypical example of the kind of problem I
> think
> we are discussing.
> On the other hand, there's no problem with someone whose expertise is in
> Christology offering a detailed analysis of the Greek, as in your latest
> summary, which is quite good, incidentally. I particularly liked the
> detailed use of actual Greek sentences to illustrate your interpretation
> of
> the PPA.
Speaking for myself, I appreciate a scholarly (i.e. opinions are backed by
research, posters are not repeating themselves, focus is not lost to
peripheral thought, issues are clarified, a priori assertions are not used
to beat someone else's view) discussion of sensitive issues on B-Greek. I am
primarily here to tune my Greek but I have discovered over the years that my
understanding of Greek (and Linguistics) excels in magnitude when I think
there is tremendous relevance to the point at hand.

I have adjusted my personal views over the years on B-Greek based on
accumulated knowledge. Sometimes the views I held years ago are still the
views I hold today, but I discarded some of the "pillars" that supported it
or strengthened or added other pillars. But the discarding and adding of
pillars came from interaction in sensitive theological threads where Dale
Wheeler, Carl, Rolf and others were actively participating. They contributed
to dealing with the issues even though there was not a concensus among them.
[In fact, I miss Dale's contributions in sensitive threads ]. Carl may post
some thoughts in a thread with which I am not familiar the first time
around. But I will study it over time and when the subject next appears I
will interact with Carl on it to get his thoughts. So, I find benefit when
subjects periodically recur as long as accurate knowledge is begetting more
accurate knowledge.

In conclusion, while I agree with what Jonathan, Carl, Greg have already
stated, that there are some who argue their views regardless of evidence,
there are those among us with views who listen, make adjustments, and want
to keep going deeper with relevant Greek and Linguistic issues on a topic
that any one of us may consider to be "Greek important", as long as it stays
"scholarly" (i.e. opinions are backed by research, posters are not repeating
themselves, focus is not lost to peripheral thought, issues are clarified, a
priori claims are not used to beat someone else, etc.).

Wes Williams

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