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Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 00:56:15 EDT

Greetings in the name of the Lord.

I a minister raised in the Church of Christ who a few years ago "went
instrumental". I am busy writing my reasons into a book I've entitled
"Into His Courts With Praise". It's an appeal for unity and understanding
on the basis of freedom in Christ, as opposed to the quarreling engendered
by the legalism I was raised with. I did study Greek in college, but it
has been several years ago and we have moved internationally several times.
 My materials are back in Africa and I no longer have the skill that I once
had with either the language or the research. So then, there is a matter
that I need a little help with, if someone reading this would be so kind.

Non-instrumentalists argue that PSALLO is an exclusive word that means
"sing" and therefore does not mean "sing and play". Thus, they argue, it
is wrong for us to sing praises to the accompaniment of the instrument. A
few questions:

a) What then is the word(s) for "sing & play" together?

b) There are plenty of references in the Old Testament that clearly
mentioning singing to the accompaniment of instruments. What is the
Hebrew, and is it an exclusive word? More importantly, how does the
Septuagint translate the original? Are the words used for singing variants
of PSALLO? This is the question I really want answered! If they are, then
it can easily be demonstrated that PSALLO is not an exclusive word and is
in fact much like our English word "sing" -- limited in meaning, but
applied broadly in its actual usage.

c) Does anyone have any other thoughts about the validity or folly of the
argument presented in general?

Anyone helping out would eventually receive a courtesy copy of the
manuscript as a means of saying thank you.
May the joy of the Lord be with you all.

His servant and yours


Erl Morrell-Stinson
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