Re: SBL schedule available NOW

From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 11:15:29 EDT

On 31 Aug 98 at 13:55, Perry L. Stepp wrote:

> Actually, the schedule of sessions is now available online--I just checked it
> out, at the address Jeffrey gave.
> I will be in Orlando, I'm presenting in the Luke-Acts Group at some point in
> the late afternoon, Saturday 21 November. But I'd love to get a chance to put
> faces with names and meet the other members of this excellent list. So count
> me in!

Count me in too -- my first SBL and first trip to the States. I'm presenting
on Sunday afternoon in the Synoptics Section on "Luke, Narratology and the Q
Hypothesis: Reflections on Luke 12.13-34".

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