Re: Jesus Words: Aramaic or Greek?

Date: Thu Sep 03 1998 - 17:38:30 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:

> Retroversion worries me in general. Often, I hear a passage quoted from the
> New Testament, and I get an idea what the original Greek may have been.
> Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wildly wrong. If I hear an English work
> translated into German, I'm still often wrong when I try to guess the
> original English. As a matter of fact, even though English is my native
> language and I speak German quite fluently, in most cases, I suspect the
> German is a better representation of the original than my guesses at what
> the original may have been. My guesses at the original English may give me
> all kinds of insights - but there's no guarantee that these insights have
> anything to do with the content of the English original.

Johathan, you've got your finger on the pulse of the problem! I
figure I can mess up the Greek plenty good enough without compounding
it with Aramaic guesswork.

One little note on the EGW EIMI issue in John 8:58 ~ It does kinda
work in English to say "I am in existence since prior to Abraham's
birth." It does require the addition of 'since'...


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