Re: Jesus Words: Aramaic or Greek?

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 14:10:11 EDT


    I will make that a weekend project. Sounds like fun.


Jonathan Robie wrote:

> Jack,
> I'd like to invite you to do something just a little out of the normal
> scope of B-Greek (and I hope the chairs don't kill me for this...but I
> don't think there's another list where this can really be discussed): could
> you please take any one verse where you are confident that you can
> reconstruct an Aramaic original that is more reliable than the Greek, and
> show me the methodology you use to convince yourself that your
> reconstruction is better than any of the available manuscripts?
> At 10:25 AM 9/4/98 -0700, Jack Kilmon wrote:
> >As an example, in my opinion the 1st beatitude is safe for "back-
> >translation" (retroversion) while the 9th would be only a translation.
> Perhaps you could use this as an example. I'd really like to understand how
> a retroversion can be more accurate than the text from which it is
> reconstructed. I'd also like to know how you can be sure that there *is* an
> Aramaic original underlying a particular Greek saying. Please respond in
> sufficient detail that I can carefully trace your argument.
> Jonathan
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